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Football Arena

The football arena is a facility with a high-quality surface made of artificial grass of the 4th generation without backfilling (without backfilling with rubber granulate, weighted with quartz sand, fiber height min. 32mm) intended for amateur football games.

Around the pitch there are professional armchairs for players, stands for 200 people, a scoreboard and a multimedia screen for broadcasting matches.

The main pitch has dimensions of 38.6 x 56.3 m with accessories (junior goals 2×5 m) used for 7-person amateur league games. In addition, smaller pitches have been designated on the same area for schools using our facilities.

The pitch can also be used by professional footballers for whom we have a full-size goal intended for shooting training.

After modernization, the facility will be equipped with a modern ventilation and heating system.

Football Arena Gallery:



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