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Sauna rules


  1. An integral part of the indoor swimming pool SGGW are two Finnish saunas. Terms of using regulates this Regulation as well as Swimming pool rules..
  2. The sauna can be used by adults. Minors can use the sauna only in the company of an adult (using sauna by children under 6 years of age and adults over 50lat should be discussed with your doctor).
  3. Sauna reaches max 110 &#186C and this is a dry sauna. The temperature is shown on the display located in front of the entrance to the sauna.
  4. The responsibility of each sauna user is to have their own towels.
  5. You can go to the sauna only after careful washing and drying of the body.
  6. People using the sauna, before starting using it, should remove all metal objects and ornaments, as they can cause burns to the body.
  7. In the sauna strictly forbidden is:
    • Sprinkling the furnace and hot stones
    • Moving and touching hot stones and the furnace
    • Sitting and lying directly on the boards without using your own towel
    • Wearing glasses and contact lenses
    • Unjustified use of alarm
    • Opening and attempts to change sauna driver settings
    • Consumption of food and alcohol
    • Destruction of sauna equipment
  8. In case of any dangerous situations in the sauna or its failures, you should immediately notify the AOS service or use red emergency button, which is located at the entrance to the sauna cabin.
  9. After the bath, customer should leave order in whole room.
  10. The sauna user is obliged to control his paid time and should punctually leave the room.
  11. For loss or damage of the cabinets transponder You will be charged according to the valid price list.

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