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Sports equipment rental rules


Sports equipment which is the subject of the rental is owned by WULS Sport Center Administration.
Before signing RENTAL AGREEMENT WULS employee/student is obliged to read these Rules, in particular, the rights arising from the ACT of 29 August 1997 on the Personal Data Protection (Dz.U. 2002 nr 101 poz. 926).

  1. Signing RENTAL AGREEMENT customer enters into a civil-law contract under conditions specified in this Rules.
  2. Rental Center offers new/used sports equipment and make every effort to meet customer expectations in this regard.
  3. Customer is responsible financially for any damage caused by improper use of the equipment.
  4. Equipment may be borrow by the employee/student who will show two undamaged documents with current photographs and pay a deposit determined by the Rental Center. The deposit is refundable only in the case of full payment for the rental and return of the equipment. In case of loss or damage of the equipment refund of the deposit depends on the return/payment for the caused damage.
  5. Rental and return of the equipment takes place in the Rental Center Monday to Friday 8:00 – 15:00, p.003.
  6. The customer taking the equipment should check its condition and completeness.
  7. Customer signing the Rental Agreement confirms that he has received equipment free from defects in accordance with the specifications and in a good condition.
  8. Customer agrees to return the equipment in the same condition and within the time specified in the Rental Agreement. Return of the equipment should take place in Rental Center.
  9. Customer declares that he has the necessary knowledge about the use of equipment and is committed to take care of the equipment and use it safely and appropriately.
  10. Customer uses the equipment on their own responsibility and shall not make any repairs.
  11. Rental Center is not responsible for any consequences caused by third parties and effects of improper use of the equipment.
  12. The settlement period for the renting equipment is one day (24 hours). Exceeding the period of one hour is equivalent to an extension rental agreements for another day. The daily fee for the rental of equipment and the amount of the deposit are specified in the rental price list.
  13. The rental fees are calculated by multiplying the rental period (from the date of rent to the date of return, subject to 12.) for a daily fee rates. In case of loss or damage of the equipment – for the rental period shall be the time until the return of lost items or pay an amount equal to the amount of damage..
  14. Customer is responsible for loss of the equipment. In case of loss of the equipment or other circumstances preventing the return of the equipment within the time limit customer has the obligation to immediately inform Rental Center about this fact, as well as reimbursement of rental value of the equipment at the latest at the end of the loan period.
  15. Unjustified delay in returning the equipment (more then one day) or not informing Rental Center of a decision to extend the rental period or about lost of the equipment results in reporting the matter as an appropriation to the appropriate law authorities.
  16. The customer is not responsible for normal consumption of equipment for its intended purpose.
  17. Customer is responsible for more than normal consumption of equipment, damage (both the upper part and sliding) and equipment deassembly. The amount of loss is determined based on the rental value or the price of repairing defects.
    If you return damaged or incomplete equipment you agrees to settle the amount determined by the Rental Centre the latest during returning the equipment.
  18. Other issues not covered here, are regulated by polish legal acts, in particular, Act of 23 April 1964 of the Civil Code (Dz.U.1971 27 poz.252 as amended).

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