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Bar “Dolphin”

Bar “Dolphin” serves reasonably priced and delicious meals.

It is located on the second floor of the complex – by the swimming pool.

We recommend:

–  Cold and hot appetizers,

–  Dinners,

–  Hot and cold drinks,

–  Sweets and ice cream.

We also arrange:

–  Birthday parties for children,

–  Events.

To organize a party, please call: +48 604 421 114

We are open Monday to Sunday from 9.00 to 21.00

Swim gear and accessories

Aqua-Net – everything for swimming

Swim gear store is located on the first floor of the complex, next to hte cash desks.

We offer a large collection of swimming equipment:

we have about 200 designs of swimwear
– from the youngest babies with size of 89cm to the size XXXXXL and speedos and shorts for boys of 104 cm high up to the size XXXXXL. We can realise special orders for competitors too.
Swim caps:
lycra, lycra-latex, latex and silocone in single color design and with colorful drowings as well.

Swim googles:
competition, recreational and swimm masks. We offer prescription googles too.
Swimming accessories:
training fins, swimm paddles, anti-fog liquids, ear and nose plugs, water shoes and sandals.
Basic diving equipment:
swimm masks, snorkels, swimm fins.
Accessories for the youngest:
armbands, inflatable rings & tubes, swim diapers.

Store cooperates with such companies as:
Arena, ARH, Aqua Speed, Aqua Sphare,
Beco, Body&Shou , Delfin, Elefant,
Flash, Fala, Gwiner, Klubenn,
Speedo, Spokey, Sharp.

We are open Monday to Friday from 13:00 to 21:00 and during the weekends from 10:30 to 21:00
mobile: 501 097 838

Other facilities

In our complex you can benefit from additional services such as:

Swim gear store with swimming accessories, where you can buy swimwear, swimming gear and accessories for children. The store is located next to the cash desks of the swimming pools.

Bar “Dolphin”, where customers can relax in a friendly atmosphere and eat tasty lunch dishes. Bar also offers cold and hot drinks, snacks, sweets and ice cream. It is located on the second floor with a beautiful view to the swimming pool.

24-hour guarded parking lot for about 200 cars. Questions and all the problems associated with parking please report to this phone numbers: +48 607-236-767 lub +48 606-325-627

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